Bien le Bonjour !

Bien le Bonjour !

Chapitre 4 : Sky Sky Sky

4-SKY-SKY-SKY : "Soleil" de filins au Pont de Normandie.
4-SKY-SKY-SKY : "Soleil" de filins au Pont de Normandie.










Alone or with something,

At each moment of the day,

Each moment of the year.


Always above your eyes,

But you don't look at.


Constance Hélivérac



Photos : Magnificent Skies

Everywhere you live, Sky is magnificent.


Sky with a roof.

                                                  Sky with a road.

And the eyes go away, at the infinite of the road - Saint Gobain  .

Sky and snow.

And the road looks like a mirror.

Vous êtes bien dans le Chapitre 4

Sky with Sand.

When walking, rhythm comes.

As a breath.

With the Sea.

Searching the skies,  

you finally meet a 

Sun of steel fibres.

Driving ahead to see it closer, 

You lost it,

You lost everything,

And the Sun, 

And the Sky,

And your wheel…

Au Revoir !

Au revoir !